+one a week Evolution Multisport Series​​

Race 2: Aquathlon

Race Course and Rules:

In this segment, you will find essential information about the Course and the Rules that will apply.

7:00 AM Start Super Sprint
8:00 AM Start Sprint

Generally, the ITU Competition Rules will apply throughout all Races, however there will be some adjustments concerning cycling Conduct and Equipment:

Please note that the sequence for the Aquathlon has been changed: In
both Races the shorter Run will be done before the swim and the longer
Run after:

  • Distance for Sprint Aquathlon:
    • ​2km Run
    • 750m Swim
    • 4km Run
  • Distance for Super Sprint Aquathlon:
    • 1km Run
    • 375m Swim
    • 2km Run

  • Barefoot running will be allowed
  • Torso will have to be covered (shirt, vest or Trisuit is mandatory)
  • No flotation devices will be allowed
    The swimmer is allowed to hold on to a Kayak used by a volunteer or Lifeguard, once the Kayak makes no progress towards the finish (max. of 2mins, after that the athlete has to swim again or retire from the race).