+one a week Evolution Multisport Series​​

Race 3: Duathlon

Please re-read the Rules below, we made some changes concerning the use of Aerobars during the Race...

Race Course and Rules:

In this segment, you will find essential information about the Course and the Rules that will apply.

Generally, the ITU Competition Rules will apply throughout all Races, however there will be some adjustments concerning cycling Conduct and Equipment:

  • All Races will be draft legal
  • Open handlebars will Not be allowed in draft legal races
  • The clip-on aerobar must not be longer than the foremost point of the break handles.​​​​
  • Distance for Sprint Duathlon:
    • ​4km Run
    • 20km Ride
    • 2km Run
  • Distance for Super Sprint Duathlon:
    • 2km Run
    • 10km Ride
    • 1km Run