+one a week Evolution Multisport Series​​

  1. G4S joins as Partner
    G4S joins as Partner
    G4S, one of Trinidad's leading Security Companies has joined our Team and will be providing Security Services for our Venues when we are taking our Rest after preparing everything for you.
  2. TT$ 8,000.00 Prizemoney for Winner
    TT$ 8,000.00 Prizemoney for Winner
    The top five male and female in the Sprint Distance will receive Prize money at the end of each event. TT $1,000.00 each for the fastest male and female. Followed with TT $750.00 for second place and TT $500.00 for third place. This also applies for both genders. Fourth place will collect TT $250.00 for males and females and fifth placers both male and female walks away with TT $125.00 each. For winning the Series: all races are divided into male and female winner with first placers taking TT$ 8,000.00 each. Second placers will go home with TT $ 4,000.00 and third place winners collect TT $ 2,000.00 each.
  3. Petroleum Sales & Service joins as Bronze Partner
    Petroleum Sales & Service joins as Bronze Partner
    Petroleum Sales & Service joins the Team as Bronze Partner for the entire Series. Kelly Alves the General Manager of the Energy Industry Company made a commitment to support all five Races of the Series as a Bronze Partner.
  4. Sprint Distances with Age Groups
    Sprint Distances with Age Groups
    The athletes have requested and we've listened - there will be medals and podium recognition for age groups at our upcoming Duathlon event! The prize money still remains for top 5 overall males and top 5 overall females only. Age groups are as follows: 16 - 19; 20 - 29; 30 - 39; 40 - 49; 50+ If there are more than four (4) registered over 60 we will change the category from 50+ to 50 - 59 and add 60+ We hope your training has been rewarding to date and you're enjoying the journey. See you soon!
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